The purpose of this web site is to introduce you to the unique clothing line "JustZen" featuring the extraordinary mudmee tie-dye. Mudmee tie-dye originates in Thailand and to a small degree in neighboring northern countries.

Mudmee tie-dye is not a technique that offers itself to weekend projects at home. Tie-dye artistry is usually passed from a master artist to and apprentice, often a family member. Due to its requirement of strong involvement, this art form is in some danger of becoming extinct.

The Beginning

The artistic director of JustZen combined an education in surface design in the US, and a strong interest in fashion with the cultural background of growing up in Thailand. This allowed her to create this line of clothing that merges the traditional surface design of mudmee tie-dye with a modern clothing style and design.

This fusion of two worlds - historically as well as spacially - culminated in one of a kind clothing, nowhere else to be found.

Spreading the Word

The JustZen line of clothing is sold in a few selected boutiques acress the United States, is promoted at art and craft faires in Southern California and neigboring states and is sold online at ThaiDye.com as the biggest retailer. Items have been shipped to many countries and states in Europe, North and South America and Australia.

Getting JustZen Line Items

If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying the JustZen line, please click on Whole Sale at the top of the page and request a whole sale pricelist.

If you are interested in a retail purchase the best way currently is the ThaiDye web site (click on Retail at the top of the page), but we are working on implementing a referral service to boutiques around the country that carry the JustZen line.