Color and Mood

Winter can be a rather depressive time. Maybe not out in California or Florida, but there are different areas of the world where you can’t really see the sky in weeks or month and that just depresses the mood we are in to some degree.

Now, should we just give in and take this as a given and succumb to those lower moods?

Obviously, as I am asking the question, and it is clearly a rhetoric question, I want you to say NO!

And you are right. We are the creator of our mood. Sometimes we get influenced by moody environments but we don’t have to do this. We are the creator of our mood, and if we are in total control it does not really matter what the environment tries to tell us – we have the mood we want.

But if we can influence the environment to some degree it will make selecting and creating the desired mood easier.

One way to effect the environment is naturally the cloths we wear.

I am sure that there are some people who will choose clothing that will not make them happy, and they will then wear outfits like this one here.


But for the most of us we will probably choose clothing that elevates out mood and makes us happy. And this is where clothing from comes in. Just look at this – doesn’t that look like a much more appealing mood?


You can get these strappy tanks right here.