Tie-Dye and Lobster

Standard tie-dye spiralLast week we took a trip down the Baja California to Ensenda. It was a very interesting trip to observe how different life can be on the two sides of the border just a few miles apart.

We had gotten the tip to have lobster in Porto Nuevo just a few miles down from Rosarito and on the way back we did as we were told.

Apparently not too many tourista there at this time of the year so there was a whole bunch of ushers to get us into the various lobster establishments. Finally we succumbed to one, we parked the car and climbed up some stairs to a second floor outside kind of restaurant. Very nice, with view over the ocean and directly below us, just across the street, a flea market.

As we were enjoying our lobsters I suddenly notices something familiar – tie-dye!

It was the standard kind with colors so bright you have to squint, and once your eyes adapt you can see the standard spiral.

Then we saw another person with a shirt just like this and we got the idea that there must be a store around here selling those. This suspicion became near certainty when one after another at least six other people came by with shirts all similar. But the kicker was that one of these daring people even had tie-dye socks on!

We briefly thought how nice it would be if we could send these people to the JustZen web site and show them some different kind of tie-dye t-shirts – some that don’t make your eye-doctor rub his hands in anticipation of great riches.

But then we realized that we were on vacation and at JustZen.com there are no socks anyways – and so we went happily back to our lobsters.

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