Sexy Clothing – the new Mannequin

A friend who had bought some jackets from in the very early days of its existence, recently complained that our site is way too demure and we should pep that up a few notches.

Being a man of action he not only suggested but also offered his contribution in form of this image he named “The new Mannequin.”


… and I have to admit, that this is a bit less demure, don’t you agree?

So we kindly accepted his suggestion and contribution and added this image to our site – you think that is a good idea?

Steve Jobs going to college

Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech to graduated at Stanford in 2005. It is a very inspirational speech and his punch line of ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ goes hand in hand with Gary Halbert’s recommendation to ‘refuse to listen to reason.’

Well worth listening to…

These are ideas we strive to follow here at When, for example, we design and sell our jackets we tackle the challenges staying foolish and don’t listen to reason. I mean, who wants to bring back the 60s and 70s? – We do – and we love it and we want everybody to know about our tie-dyes.