Scarcity of Customers

If it’s about customers business owners often have the three-year-old mentality of mine-mine-mine. There is no way to share and part of the market. I think that this is a very destructive state of mind because that, what we put our attention on, is what will materialize. The mind does not understand negatives, so if I repeat to myself, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be poor, etc., what we actually concentrating on is ‘poor’ – and this is what we get.

Same with the scarcity of customers – when we protect our turf because we think customers are scarce, then they are. On the other hand, if we concentrate on an abundance of customers, we will get right that. And if there are plenty of customers and they don’t quite find what they are looking for in my store, I send them to a similar one and create a happy customer – and a happy customer is a good customer, and everybody wins.

To practice that I want to tell, from time to time, about another tie-dyer with products I like. Visitors might have stumbled upon this site and it might not offer what they are looking for, but then there is a possibility to find it at one of those featured tie-dyers.

Without further adoo, here is one such tie-dyer from the other side of the continent (we are in California, by the way)…

My name is Margie.

I’ve been making tie dyes since 1992.   At first I began making tie dyes for myself because it was fun and I enjoyed wearing them.  I purchased a Procion dye kit and some instruction books.  After some experimenting and a lot of trial and error I managed to produce tie dyes that I thought looked pretty good.  Over time whenever I wore my tie dyes I noticed people would compliment me on my work and would ask where I got them.  So I began selling by word-of-mouth and in 1997 I began attending Festivals where my brightly colored booth attracted still more tie-dye fans.

People often ask to see examples of my work. Or they see me at a festival and ask if I have a web site so that they can buy tie dyes later.  My tie dyes have been in the internet since 2002 at Wickedly Wise – Bright Spirited Tie-Dye, where you’ll find a variety of t-shirts, tank tops, children’s, toddler and infant clothing to choose from.

If you’ve seen something at a Festival and it’s not out here yet or if you have any other questions or comments, please contact me.


Isn’t that a great website name – Wickedly Wise?

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