Inspirational T-Shirts

From the blog post How to create real value on Steve Pavlina’s blog I learned about the young company Reflect Inc. with a very unique product that I can not help but telling you about.

Look at this…

mirror image t-shirt

Can you read the writing on the wall – uh – T-shirt? Tell you so much, it’s inspirational – – OK, get your mirror out and read it in the reflection, then it will be easy.

So, what’s the point you might say. I think it’s a great point, because this message (by the way, for all of you who did not bother to bring out the mirror – it says “I am greatful for all that I have”) is mostly for the wearer of the t-shirt, right? And when is it that you look at the front of your t-shirt – – right, when you are in the front of the mirror – So – here we go!

And beside this it’s a great conversation starter – and it’s OK to stare while you try to figure it out.