Should JustZen have Accessories?

When Gigi is out there at art and craft shows she always has a mannequin in front of her booth, nicely dressed up in all tie-dye and adorned with some accessories.

This is often such a nice combination that customers want these accessories as well. After that experience Gigi always has some more pieces of these accessories with her.

Now the idea came up to offer these items on the web site as well.

But I need an opinion – do you think this would be a good accessory to offer on our tie-dye web site?


I sent that picture out to all the JustZen customer and got a great number of answers.

Here are a few…

Which accessory….the DUDE or the bike?  They bike is cool, but I prefer the DUDE!

Hilarious!!! I want one… 🙂

LOL! Heck, yeah!

Yesssss definitely!


Please tell me your talking about the long haired stud ;x but I like the bike. Would be cool to have the girls model a few things on it for the site
Much love

Dear Merlin Silk
which one the man or bike?
Have agreat day.

HAHHAHAH  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT… I already bragged on it on facebook… and once again.

Thanks for the smile… that is fantastic.  Must be a hoot to drive around on.

All good things to you and yours!!

It is a little over the top.


Oh, my gosh, that is FANTASTIC!!!!

Absolutely! LOL! Bring that to the Fountain Hills Art Show next week!      🙂

Hi Merlin,

Very Nice!  They would sell like hot cakes!

Merlin, were you referring to the ‘gentleman’ or the ‘bike’???

Wow, I mean, it’s really cool. I say anything to attract people is good.
good luck.

looks good to me…….
my art students love it too!

Yeah Merlin…a Tie dye motorcycle would be awesome.

HAHAHA !!  I needed that !!  Yes, Excellent — put it up on the site !!
Peace Waves,


This made my day.  Love it!!

I also wanted to say that it was so incredible to see Gigi at the Genoa festival this summer.  I saw the clothing and new right away who it had to be.  Yes, I was bad and had to buy more.  It was incredible seeing everything up close like that.  The bad part is that I wanted everything.  🙂

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