Daddy STOP – no – continue…

A non-tie-dye task came along recently here at the JustZen Corporate Headquarters.

As technology takes big steps ahead, old tech sometimes bites the dust, but if you have something that depends on that old technology, then you better make sure you do something in order not to permanently lose that something.

In the case at hand this is the Mini DV tape. Some 10+ years ago that was the medium of choice when capturing moving pictures. We also had a whole bunch of those tapes and I started to get worried that I might not have access to those videos once my old MiniDVĀ  camcorder would die.

So, I started to pull all this video footage over to the computer and edited it into something more palatable than these hours of (often boring) long shots.

I want to share this little clip here with you. I don’t know if you will like it as much as I do – I’m in it after all – but you might get a kick out of it. It’s way before JustZen was even started so nobody – neither the baby nor I – wear tie-dye, but you probably guessed already that the baby later became the model you see on some of the JustZen web site.

As I have your attention already I would like to ask you a favor. I try to establish a base for JustZen on Facebook. In order to be able to give the pages there a nicer name I need a few more visitors to ‘Like’ the initial presence I established there.

So, if you are on Facebook, could you please go to the Unique Mudmee Tie-Dye Clothing page and click the ‘Like‘ button to the right side of the title? I would really appreciate that.

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