Three Mudmee Smock Dresses per Second

Wearable art can come in many different forms – from a rusty bucket worn as the latest fashionable hat to paint only (applied directly to your body in an artistic way.)

At we are somewhere between these extremes, it is not avantgard, it is not over the top but art that is actually wearable on a day to day basis.

You see, wearable has two rather different meanings and both of those definitions apply to the JustZen line of clothing,

  1. you can wear it, as in the opposite of hanging it on a wall, and
  2. you can actually wear it without the danger of being arrested.

Just in time for the summer (OK, we are actually a bit late, but better late than never) we have come out with a new dress – a cute smock dress.

We thought about just showing you an example or two, but then we had a brilliant idea, why not just show them all?! We just photographed nearly 200 of them and so you might think that it would take a bit too long to show them all, right?

NO! – Take a look…

Go to the Mudmee Smock Dress Page to find out more.

I spend my 4th of July learning Manga

What a great 4th of July I had this year!

I did not go to no parade, I did not have any BBQ, as a matter of fact, I had hardly anything to eat all day.


Because I was very productive and dug myself deep into Anime and Manga. By the way, Anime simply means ‘cartoon’ in Japanese, but here in the west we usually understand this term to represent this very specific kind of cartoon, many love.

I can’t say that I was a ‘fan’ of anime, but I always liked it as you can tell looking at an early attempt to create some…

OK, I admit, that’s real-life anime, not real anime.

But today I tried some real anime, even though with some twist.

Pretty cool, huh?

You might wonder why it says in this picture – you should know that JustZen started out as Thaidye but then went through a name change that represents our line of clothing a lot better.

Sooo much new stuff

Did you miss my mail the last two weeks?
Hi and Hello – it’s Merlin,

No blurbs about any insights and experiences from me today (whew!) but only some quick info what I have been doing.

I had mentioned on our JustZen Facebook page a little while back that Gigi had been very busy taking more than 300 photos of new items. So, I had to get busy getting them all up on the web site.

And as there is also a brand new item, I had to create a new page for that ‘Empire Dress’ and tie it all together – so that it actually also works.

That is now all done!

First of all I want to show you our new Empire Dress


Nice – huh?

Normally we would now make an Independence Day sale – but I am not normal – – hey, I mean politically – – so I decided to make this a

“Introducing the Empire Dress Sale”

and it’s 35% off these new items of ours – yup – more than a third off!

How do you get it? – With one of our promo codes that you enter in the last field at the end of the shipping info when you check out.

So, put some Empire Dresses into the shopping card and enter


into the promo field, and we take this right off the total. This code is good forĀ  short time only, it will go away eventually.

Here once more the link to the new Empire Dresses.

Peace-Up and Cheers (and happy BBQing),

PS: Nearly forgot – beside these dresses I also added Crinkle Shirts, Thermal Shirts, Henley Tanks, Classic Tanks, Wrap Dresses, Men’s T-shirts and Hoodies, Buddha Bags and a whole bunch of Crinkle Scarves.

PPS: Gigi is in Arizona this long weekend (Sat to Mon) – at the ‘Art in the Park’ in Flagstaff.