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One of a kind Crinkle Shirts

If you still like to iron your clothes, these shirts will not be for you! But if you like the low maintenance and ease of care - as well as the look - of crinkled fabric, then you have found the right shirt for you. The crinkle fabric in combination with our unique mudmee tie-dye makes for a shirt you do not find often.

100% all natural cotton makes them comfortable to wear and easy to take care of.

woman with subdued mudmee tie dye henley shirt

They can be easily washed with other darker clothing (like any other dyed fabrics, but do not wash with white or light-colored clothing) and tumble-drye low.

After drying wrap them up as shown in the illustrations below, holding them together with a rubber band, and toss them in the drawer or suitcase - no worries that they might get crinkled any more...

Crinkle Instructions

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