How to Comment

You are very welcome to leave a comment to any post we have on this bLog.

We know there are destructive people out there who would use this option to just post smut in form of spam for whatever they hope to promote.

I can not imagine that spam really works, but there must be still plenty of people out there that actually follow spam links and so validate the spammers – who obviously then continue to do so.

Whatever the reason, we all have to suffer a bit from those spammers. In order to keep them away to some extent we have established the policy that you have to have a login that verifies your email address in order to post a comment.

So if you want to comment please use the link below to register for the site. You can leave more information but just a user name and email address is all that’s required. You will immediately get an email with the password and with this you can then log in to the site.

After you log in you will see your profile where you can change your password. The initial password is probably not one that you will be able to remember so we recommend that you give yourself one that you are able to remember.

From the profile view you can click on ‘View site” up at the top of the page to comment to your hearts content.

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