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Garment Care

Our tie dye garments are dyed with very stable dyes and they will maintain their vibrant color for a long time. But as with all dyed clothing it will last even longer when it get's that just little bit extra attention.

So, while it is OK to wash these tie dye pieces in the washer with other darker clothing (there is always a slight chance for release of a bit color, so we don't take chances here), we suggest that you use a very gentle cycle or even handwash the items, if you want to keep them like new for super-long.

For drying you can certainly use the dryer but if you hang them or lay them flat in a shady place, they will, again, last even longer.

There is one great danger for these tie dye garments though, and we have to warn you of those - and that is bleach. Sometimes you might get a detergent that does not have a big warning sign on the package but contains some bleach nevertheless. But then again, you probably already know this as this is true for all dyed clothing.

Site Usage

One very important fact to notice is that on this site you get unique pieces. None will be just like the other even though there might be similarities.

Therefore we had to make sure that the same item can not be put into two different shopping carts.

In order to do this we remove an item from the selection other customers can see immediately when you place it into your shopping cart.

So, if you see an item that you like, and then the next time you look it's not there anymore - somebody else just snatched it away.

But not to worry, if somebody packs items into his cart and then wanders away, after about 15 minutes a clerk - a little electronic one - comes along and puts the items back on the shelf.

We hope this site is easy to navigate. Here a few words about it. All functions are accessible through the menu bar at the top of the page - from Home to Help.

Under Products you make a selection of what kind of items you want to see and we display what we have in stock for you.

You click on an item that interests you opens 'detail and order' window showing you a more detailed picture of the item. If you want to see even more detail, click on that image and a real big picture is displayed. You close this window with the 'Close' button or simply by clicking outside the window.

In the 'detail and order' window you find a button to put the item into your shopping basket. A button to close this detail window is provided.

You can place as many items as you like into your basket - maybe for comparison - you can always remove any item easily before ordering.

The next step is to view your Shopping Basket by selecting it from the menu bar at the top of this window. Here you view all the items you have selected and remove all items you do not want to get.

After this you go to the Checkout - the menu item right next to 'Basket'. Here you will be first asked for your shipping information and after you press 'Next Step' you will see a confirmation page for your order. From here you either print this page and mail it with your payment or press the 'Paypal' button to transfer to the Paypal site from where you can securely pay by credit card or directly from your bank account.

On completion of the Paypal transaction you will return to this site with some information about the transaction. You could then browse the site some more and find exactly the item that you forgot to add to the shopping cart :-)

Associates Program

Should you be interested in becoming an associate by promoting our mudmee tie dye, please send us a message though our contact for to find out how this all works.

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