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You said... (Stories and Testimonials)

JustZen Feedback: 5


I visited your stand at the Encinitas street fair yesterday (04/28/13) and was amazed by your tie dye. I just wanted to express how beautiful I thought it was. The women running the stand were so friendly as well. I didn't have enough cash on me to buy a sarong but I took a card so that I could purchase one online. I think your company is great!


JustZen Feedback: 5

Hi Gigi and Merlin,

I received my order today and you guys, by far, have the BEST tye dye EVER!!!

I first learned about you guys a few years ago at a street fair in Redondo Beach (I think that's where it was) and I have been a fan since! You guys have the highest quality clothes and best and most unique tye dye I have ever seen!

Also, the turnaround time on my order was incredible! I only purchased these items 3 days ago and already received them!

You guys really are the best and I plan to purchase a lot more items from you guys!

Just wanted you to know what a fan me and my family are!

Thanks again!!!!


JustZen Feedback: 5

I love my new skirt!!! I know I will get lots of compliments every time I wear it!!! Thank you so much... I look forward to future purchases!

Jill L.

JustZen Feedback: 4.5

To the JustZen Family,

I purchased a Wrap skirt a couple weeks ago and I received it VERY quickly. I would like all of you to know that when I opened the package, it was even more beautiful than it was online!! I wore it that very next day to work. (I work at a nasty corporation that has a strict dress code, aka, no fun clothes) Everyone all day was complimenting my skirt and I sent them all to your site!! I had the skirt on for not even an hour and was telling my boyfriend how this is my new favorite item of clothing I’ve ever had! I love the fabric, the feel, the color, the fit. I love everything about it! I am going to be buying a lot from you guys. LOL! I tie-dye myself, but it is no where near the talent level you all are at!! I was also wondering if you make the Harem Pants in Male sizes. Please let me know. I appreciate your prompt and very courteous service!!
Thank you and have a Great Day,


JustZen Feedback: 5

It is not that we get it right all the time, even though I have to say, mostly we do. But if we don't we certainly see that we make it as right as we can. And we sure like when you appreciate our efforts. Thomas was so nice to tell us the following after the items we shipped where not the right size and we made an exchange:

Gigi and Merlin,

You and your company have very nice clothing... and you did everything you said you would... you responded on the PHONE... and followed up with e-mail.... how nice... my refund was there... just like you said it would be... thank you very much... I'm here to report a very happy customer... and will do more business with you and your company... Ya did it all... and quite well... thank-you... Merry Christmas, Happy holidays to all..


Thomas, Dixon, Ca.

JustZen Feedback: 5


I DID receive my beautiful JustZen crinkle shirt and hoodie in time to wear to see Hair. They are EXQUISITE!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making allowances for me to make sure I received them in time.

We had a marvelous time and took pictures for you - which I will send as soon as I can. I also want to write a few kind words extolling the art and craftsmanship and beauty of my new wonderful things! (As soon as I figure out how to blog to you.) I must tell you, I am a huge connoisseur of tye dye - I have a large tye dye wardrobe - and these are the most beautiful and well made. I am thrilled with them!

Thank you again. Merlin. You'll be hearing from me soon.


JustZen Feedback: 4

Cornelia was the first to order one of our new tie-strap bags and we were eager to find out what you, out there in the world, thought about them. So, blunt as we are, just asked her what she thought - - - and we liked what she said ;-)

thank you very much again for the super fast shipping & handling!

Wow, I'm the first one to get a tie-strap-bag? :-)

Ok, since you were asking, here my feedback:

a) Awesome, I love it!
b) Colors & patterns are just beautiful, and even more so in person.
c) The bag seems very comfortable to wear.
d) It can hold a lot without looking "odd & overstuffed".
e) The zipper compartment has just the right size.
f) Casual & cool enough for the beach etc., but I wouldn't hesitate either to take the bag out for a nice dinner or to office/work :-)

Cool! - Thanks, Cornelia

JustZen Feedback: 4

Bruce wrote us:

Please carry more MEN's clothes! I saw your booth at the Fourth Ave. street fair in Tucson and soooo wanted to buy something. T-shirts, Henleys, and especially, Long-sleeved T-shirt. You stuff is SO beautiful and worth paying a bit more for so much more beauty.


All you guys out there - take this to heart and demand more stuff for men!

We don't want to create the impression that everything goes right all the time here at JustZen. But it's nice that we still get acknowlegded when we fix what went wrong. Here is what we heard from Natalie:

Hello Merlin & Gigi:

Your order arrived safely, and as always, the
designs and fabric are just beautiful !!

Yet I ordered the wrong sizes. I remembered
the shirts were small, and last time I needed
a LARGE. I forgot, and ordered XL this time,
and they're too big. And my short body doesn't
work with the "pants".

I need to return all items. Please let me know
how to do this ... and then I'm going to place
another order for shirts.

Thanks much ... and again, this clothing is awesome
artwork: Natalie C.

Obviously we immediatly emailed back the return address and are waiting now for the package to arrive. We asked if we could quote Natalie:

Yes, Merlin ... you may quote me! Your clothing is
amazingly lovely ... and I sure am glad to have "met"
you on the internet.

I'll send out the returns, and go back and place
anothr order.

Many thanks for your ALWAYS courteous and
helpful service :)


Several weeks later Natalie ordered another shirt and, as we had started our "donate to our forster children - get a free hairband", she added a gernerous donation. Soon after that Natalie wrote to us:

Hi Merlin! Just received my new shirt from you ... fits perfectly. I continue to be totally impressed with the awesome color, design AND quality of fabric: YOWSER!!

The Hair Band is also wonderful. What a great idea and construction. Tell anyone who's been using bandanas for years to STOP!! This is the gorgeous answer to keeping your hair in place.

Thanks much as always. Yes, we did dig out of our 3rd snow slam ... another coming tonight. Ugh. And hope you all are safe and dry. What wacky weather we're all having ... yes, I believe we're messing up the planet AND the atmosphere.

Another UGH.
Best regards: Natalie

Julie answered to the confirmation email of her second order:

Thank you so much, I love my last order! Cant wait for this one! Peace Julie

And then she reported back a few days later after her shipment had arrived:

I love my skirt! Thank you

Then I asked if I could quote her on our web site and got the answer:

Feel free to show any of my comments. I have a ballet school and my students love my buddha bag so I gave them your site. I am on facebook under Ballet Technique. Thank you again your products have brought me so much joy! Peace Julie

I just wanted you to know, I received my order today and I am absolutely thrilled. Your customer service is outstanding, the shirts are amazing, and I can't believe how quickly I received them. I will be ordering again and again, and will forward your website to all my friends.

Beverly from West Virginia

While most of our customers are from the US of A there is a seizable number of orders going to Europe and Australia as well.

Here is one feedback from France...


I received the order today;
Clothes are really beautiful.

Still thank you

and, yes, I pulled out all my vast knowledge of French and answered with "Bonjour et merci beaucoup!"

And this just in from your feedback form (up there)

Amanda D. said the following on 5/26/2010 12:19 PM:
About: Have a praise
Name = Amanda D.
Email = amanda.---withheld---
Phone = 715---withheld---

I got my new bag today... I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for the quick delivery too! You guys are fantastic!

Meagan from Chicago writes:

Just wanted to say I love your site!! I ordered a jersey knit scarf previously and I am absolutely in love with it. Very excited about the tank I just ordered. You do amazing work!!

Dear Merlin:

My two JustZen shirts arrived in this morning's mail! Thank you SO much for helping me get this order processed! I didn't tell you, but I had a party to go to tonight, and I really didn't want to have to wear my OTHER one (again), so I was overjoyed when the doorbell rang just a few minutes ago, and the postman brought the bag! Now all I have to do is make the decision for whether to wear the red one or the purple one! (grin) I love the work so much! Thanks for all your help!

Sincerely, Mrs. Donna E., AZ

Ashley from Omaha place another order and left a comment on her order:

I am so excited! The pieces I received with my last order were so beautiful and exceeded my expectations - I just had to come back! Thank you so much!

I got the bag yesterday! I absolutely love it! Thank you :)


I just received my bag in the mail and wanted to let you know that I love it! Thank you so much for everything..including the free headband! Your company seems really great and I am going to let all my friends know about it. Thanks again and good luck to you!


Hi Gigi and Merlin,

Wanted to thank you for sending my order so quickly.
I have already received the two scarves harem, and
goucho pants. The harem and gauchos fit perfectly
and are gorgeous.

Thanks again.


Laura from IL had ordered a hoodie and some days later we received another order with the following note:

The hoodie I ordered last week was absolutely beautiful, and by far the best tie dyed item I've ever seen!


I received my order today. It came in super fast. The colors and prints were simply amazing on all the stuff I ordered. By far this is the best site to order tie dye stuff and the fact that 10% goes to foster kids is even more of a reason for me to come back.
PS. You should look into doing beach towels and bed sheets. I didn't see them on here and had to go to another site where the tie dye simply wasn't as cool and unique.

Marissa NJ

Thank you for the delightfully colored additions to my wardrobe! I get compliments galore and everything I've purchased has been so comfortable! Love the hoodies and skirts and the scarves are great gifts...if you can bear to part with them!


I happened upon your site while doing a search for tie dye instruction. I think your work is simply beautiful!! It is true art. I have a pile of dyed t-shirts that I have made and am very unhappy with and plan to put in my next yard sale.

I have followed the instructions in the DVD's that TrueTieDye have put out and I am very discouraged but now seeing your items, I am inspired to keep at it.

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your items!!!


I received the shirts I ordered from you and they are beautiful! I'm a nurse and alot of us wear long sleeve shirts under our scrub tops. Your tie-dyes have so many colors I'm able to wear them under several different scrubs. I receive compliments on them all day long! Thanks for such a quality product that is truly a work of art to wear. Jo RN from Bentonville, Arkansas

Hi Merlin and Gigi,

I received my first order from your company and really like it! It appears to be a good quality fabric and I like the color detail even better than I thought I would.

Thanks, Kris

(we asked if we could quote Kris on our web site and she said...)

You certainly can, looking forward to doing more business.

Hi GiGi,
I went to a concert on Sunday and wore my red skirt (elastic in waist) with a really cute guaze? (spelling) burnt orange little top and boy did I get alot of compliments....And I really felt great wearing your/my skirt......checked the calendar and hopefully you will come this way soon...I did email your website to a friend in Orange County and she also LOVES everything...

I received my Buddha Bag yesterday and it is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much! I am telling everyone about your products and fast shipping and I know that one of my co-workers is putting in an order today. Again, many thanks!

Patricia, PA

I got my skirt and tank in the mail today and love! love love! them! the jersy skirt has such a nice and simple fit to it. it is very comphy, a size x large fits me perfict!

I am looking forward to more x large skirts on your site so i can get me another and another! keep up the great dying!

sincerely, cookie w.

Hi Gigi and Merlin,

I received my shirt on the very first possible day it could have arrived according to USPS guidelines. What a nice surprise!! I was able to wear it out that night to see a band with friends, and got many compliments - actually most people were in awe of the colors and patterns.

I'm very happy with my shirt - it's absolutely gorgeous! It's actually much better in person than in the pictures. The colors are beautiful - deep and rich, and the detail is amazing! Thanks so much! I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future; you have a very satisfied customer!!

Nova R.

If I would try to tell you that everything here at JustZen goes without any problems you would not believe me, I am sure. So here the story of Natalie. Sie ordered two items that turned out to be too small. With our exchange policy there was no problem in getting a bigger size out to her in Vegas. Here is what we got back:

Hi Merlin ....

the second order arrived yesterday ... thanks so much for the quick service !!

And ... the shirt fits perfectly ... I am so VERY happy to be able to wear one of your gorgeous artworks ....

thanks, and best regards! Natalie

We certainly loved that and so we asked if we could get permission to boast with her comment on this web site, and Natalie said:

Hi Merlin ...

once again, thanks so much for the VERY quick and efficient service!!

Please feel free to use anything I wrote in our emails if you choose ... your clothing really is wearable art, and as an artist myself, I truly appreciate the skill AND talent that goes into each gorgeous piece.

Many thanks again ... I shall be back :) Natalie

I'm sooooo happy with the shirt, thank you, it is by far the most beautiful and exciting tye dye I have ever owned, and I'm tye dye all the way.  Thanks and you will see my orders again.


Hello Merlin,

I just wanted to let you know that the shirt I ordered arrived today (wow, so impressed with how fast it got here).  The shirt fits perfectly and is really well made (a nice cotton, not one of those flimsy cheap cottons) and your work with the tie dye is superb. Quality product, great service AND hand-made? - I got a hell of a

Thanks so much,

I answered and then asked Tara if I quote her on our web site:

Hi Merlin,

I realized that each item was handmade, but compared to a few other sites I visited claiming handmade (which was just like lines of tie dye, not wonderful patterns like you guys can dye into the material) - I would have to assert that you definitely have the flair and artistic eye for doing it properly.  I'm thrilled with my new shirt!  (can you tell?) ;-)

Of course you can quote me on your site.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!

Tara, Canada


I received my hoodie and I absolutlely love it. Can not wait to share it.

Sharon, California

Hi Merlin,

You hepled me with my order, the red tie dye skirt/dress which I just received.

I must admit I was a little nervous opening the package but it is just as gorgeous as I'd hoped and quite substantial. I haven't quite figured it out yet but I will experiment.

I love it! Thanks for your help.

Lisa, NYC

Dear Merlin

Just to let you know that I received my order/package today. I am so pleased with the scarf and two tops I ordered. I've seen nothing like this over here in the UK but this is definately what I have been looking for. I even got the sizes right, I was a bit worried that the USA sizes might be smaller than the UK ones!

Thanks again for all your help with this order. I will definately be re-ordering again within the next week for more scarfs & tops, I just have to decide which ones this time. However if I win the lottery in the meantime, I will have one of each of your entire range. (I wish)!

Will be back in touch.

Karen, UK

Hi Merlin

Just to let you know my tops & scarf arrived today. Even quicker than last time. They are amazing and brilliant and so unique. I love them. Thanks again and I will be ordering again in the new year.

Karen, UK

Received the hoodie and shoulder bag yesterday.  Very prompt delivery as I'd only ordered them last Friday.  Thank you very much.  The hoodie is fantastically comfortable and beautifully designed.  I will definitely be considering getting more for Christmas presents.  I'll be giving the shoulder bag to my daughter Sophia as she heads off to college this week.  I know she will be thrilled to have such a unique and artistic bag to use to tote her books around campus.  You all do very nice work (and the hoodie even smells good!) so kudos to you for your artistry and professionalism.



Got it! the next day actually after i got this email. Guess i was too anxious for my dyes! They look WONDERFUL by the way, fit perfectly too. Im in love with the head band thing. I will DEF be ordering again. The clothes even smell wonderful? what fragrance is on them??? i want it!
thanks again

Andrea G., NJ


thanks again! I was a hit in santa barbara! too bad I didn't have more shirts to wear though! too think...this is a xxl?!

Corol C. California

We are really proud when we look at all the great comments we get about our garments.

Many we just hear when we are at art, craft and trade shows. There we get the instant feedback. But we are lucky to also get comments from customers who bought from us on-line and we want to share some of those here on this page.

Hi Merlin!

I got the hoodie yesterday, and it looks terrific! Thanks, also, for the headband; the colors look remarkably good on me!

Thank you!
Carrie O, Arizona

Hi, Merlin!

I received the GORGEOUS hoodie in Monday's mail - and the XL size is just perfect! Many, many thanks (and for the great headband, too) and I'll be sending you another order probably by the weekend.

Wonderful stuff - and you folks are simply THE BEST.

Cheryl M., MA

Dear Merlin,

You guys are the best!
I made purchase, return and re-purchase (wrong size).  You handled everything super quick... I even got a paypal refund the day after I mailed the return.  Amazing!

Once I got the right size I couldn't be happier.  You can bet I'll be buying more stuff from you. Plus, I'll make sure all my friends shop with you too.

Marte, CA

As usual, Merlin - tremendous praise for you and your clothes! I received my "boy tank" in yesterday's mail - I just can't praise you and JustZen enough! Where have you been all my life?
I'll be ordering again in the future, you can count on that!
A big hug to you!


Cheryl M., MA

Please keep making your beautiful things!!! If I like my dress, which i'm sure i will because i love all the other things i've gotten from you, i will order another for a gift. The headband gift is deeply appreciated! I trust that you will pick one that i will love! Thank you, as always, chris :)

Chris L, FL

Received the parcel today (15th March 2007)
Many thanks.

Goods lived up to expectations, lovely !!!
Anyway, thanks again for your service.
It was wonderful to have a personal touch.

Denise B., Australia

I ordered two T-shirts from you just a couple days ago. I was pleasantly surprised to receive them today.
Such fast service! They are absolutely beautiful, ...

Thank you.
Eileen H., ME

I got the jacket, its beautiful! I love it. Thanks alot.
You mentioned something about commission if I recommend you to some of my friends?
Is that a discount for them as well? or for me if i buy again?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks again.
Jennifer O., FL

I just received my pants, two skirts, and two headbands in the mail and I want to say THANK YOU! They are all soooooo beautiful! I couldn't be happier! My boyfriend is very happy about getting a headband also. Thank you for sending an extra one and saving me money on shipping! I've never received such excellent customer service from any other company! JustZen is truly the best; not only because you're nice and helpful, but because your products are amazing! Again, thank you very much! :-)

Kaila D., NM

Thanks so much for answering all my questions about your site :)
... I really love your website, and I've saved it in my favorites. I'll be ordering for every holiday!

Keley A., PA

Keep doing your beautiful work, and I'll keep coming back!

Lisa B. AL

Just wanted to let you know the box arrived yesterday (you guys are speedy!) and I could hardly wait to try everything on. I love everything! The colors/patterns are stunning.
If I could change one teeny, tiny thing, it would be that the fitted t's have a lower neckline, because it's right there at the collarbone. But that's me, I don't like things around my neck.
I'm not sending them back, at any rate!

Lisanne F., IL

Hi Merlin,

As it turned out both the Medium and Large shirts fit my wife very nicely and she loved both of them so I'd like to accept your offer of 20% off to keep the shirt.
I also wanted to tell you that your service and the quality of your products is absolutely top of the line. I received both orders within days and as I said before the quality of your shirts is amazing.
I will be placing additional orders from you in the future.

Thanks again for everything.

Mark H., MA

ps. Thanks again for the hair tyes. My wife and daughter both loved them.

I placed an order recently and want to thank you for the great service and the free hair-band. You guys are awesome!

Cheryl M., VA

Susan, TX:

Can't believe it, but my things arrives this afternoon. Talk about quick. ... I ordered a couple other things from your sight. In spite of "not being a blue kinda girl" ordered the blue Henley anyway. The colors are so vibrant.

You got yourself a new customer. When you get some more Smalls, I be ordering them. I love your merchandise. And your newsletter was very interesting about Gigi's trips and your method of dying clothes. I've never come across any I like as much.

Once in a while we get a mail that somebody does not want to receive our news letter - and that makes sense, we get too much email anyways. We always honor the request immediately but also take this as an opportunity to find out if there are any complaints which would help us to improve our products.

This one was a recent email exchange after a newsletter went out:

Michelle J. said the following:

Beautiful site, but do not want to receive emails.
Thanks, Michelle


Hi Michelle,
sure - I have taken you off our mailing list.
But may I ask how you liked the strappy tank you
ordered from us?
Happy Holidays

Michelle J:

it's super cool!

Denise B., Australia:

... thank you for the scarves, they are lovely.



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