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Light and Airy Crincle Hanky Hem Skirts

I bet you have never seen hanky hem skirts quite like these before! We start with a skirt made of eight differently colored segments and then, on top of that, do our magic with the mudmee tie-dye techniques. This way you get the big, beautiful mudmee patterns over the eight distinct color segments of the skirt - neat, huh? Here is how it looks...

collection mudmee hanky hem skirts

This item can be easily washed with other darker clothing (like any other dyed fabrics, do not wash with white or light-colored clothing) and tumble-drye low. It is very important - as for all dyed fabrics - that you avoid any detergent that might contain even the smallest amount of bleach. Use only mild detergents because the dyes can pale considerably with only one wash with a detergent containing bleach.

mudmee hanky hem skirt

Let me show you a little bit of a detail of this skirt...

detail hanky hem skirt

You see the pink background segment on the left, then going right you have a more brown panel. Here you can also see that the patterns go across the seam of the panels, just because they are dyed later.

A word about drying - we will send you the skirts nicely crinkled, but if you prefer you can certainly also iron them. We had a few customers who preferred them that way, but most of you like them better crinkled.

A few of you have asked for the length: They are about knee length, which mean - expressed in inches - for the different sizes...

XS 24 inches
S 24.5 inches
M 25 inches
L 25 inches
XL 25.5 inches

The way to maintain the brightness of the colors the longest would obviously be to dry-clean. But if you wash them yourself, one other way to prolong the vibrancy of the colors is to hang-dry (or lay flat) the items in the shade. The key word here is shade.

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