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Unique Hoodies/Jackets for Women, Men, Juniors

We don't think we have to make big words about how great and unique our hooded jackets are - you can tell for yourself with one glance that you have found a place where you can find jackets that will complement you in the most comfortable fashion.

From cool to...

red tie dye hooded jacket

... comfortable.

This is just perfect for the evening that's a bit chilly, for the stroll at the beach, or a comfortable evening at the fire place.

These hoodies are great for men as well, just select one or two sizes up from the women's sizing.

As you see here these hoodies are perfect for the trip up to one mile high (this is me, Merlin, during a pre-flight check), but make no mistake, they are not reserved for pilots only <grin>.

pilot pre-flight in hooded mudmee tie dye jacket

Each and every of our jackets is different than any other, as they are hand dyed with a very unique tie dye process.

So, each single item we have, we photograph to show it here on the web site. To see what item we have currently ready for sale, please click on the little picture below. This will get you to a page listing all hooded jackets we have for sale.

satisfaction guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you don't like it for any reason we will gladly exchange it or refund your purchase.

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Just look at this exra small hooded jacket worn by a seven year old boy...

boy in mudmee tie dye hooded jacket

We are working on smaller sizes for younger children but this is currently the smalest size we carry - but isn't this gorgeous?