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Unique Tie Dye Tote Bags

These one-of-a-kind bags are made from 100% cotton and dyed with our metal-free dyes. This bag is made differently than all of our other items in that we first dyed the fabric and then cut and sewed the bag. This way we were able to build a tie-dye bag with a single-colored liner

Like most of our tie dye wearable art these bags are comfortable to carry and easy to take care of - just wash and air dry.

Let's look at some pictures of that bag and maybe watch the video I made about that bag.

tie-dye tote bag

tie-dye tote bag side pockets

tie-dye tote bag main zipper

tie-dye tote bag inner zippered compartment

tie-dye tote bag main compartment zipper

And here a little video I made to show the features of this tote bag...


Now, if you can't wait to get one into your hands - you can shop 24/7 - 365 days a year - and if you click on the picture below you will get a list of all the tote bags we have photographed for the website...

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