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Natural Cotton Jersey Wrap Dress in Mudmee Tie Dye

In these creations we combined the wonderful mudmee tie dye techniques with a heavier material, 100% cotton jersey in an all natural fiber. We would love to call it organic cotton but the law does not allow us to say so here in the US even though the cotton was grown to the same standards as here in the US.

We wanted to give you a sustainable fabric but on the other hand not make the price unobtainable so we decided not to go through the certification process for our fabric, but be assured that you get the finest natural cotton.

Now look at these wraps and let your imagination go wild about how to wear those...

Wrap worn as a dress Wrap worn as a skirt
Detail for cotton jersey wrap dress

We recommend to wash your new tie dye items separately the first time but after that they can be easily washed with other dark clothing and tumble-dryed low.

There are so many opportunities where this artful wrap can be worn that we will not even attempt to make a list. Be inspired by it and find new way where and how to wear it.

Here Gigi shows one way of wearing it like a skirt...

Gigi in wrap dress

This skirt is a perfect way to get yourself dressed when it might get a bit chilly. Here Gigi shows it in combination with a sweater, high up there in the mountains...

Gigi in natural jersey dress

And here now an example on how you can also wear this wrap as a full dress...

tie dye wrap worn as a dress

This dress is wrapped has a pretty nifty cut, and for all of you who are interested and want to get a better idea about the size, here's a little sketch with the rough measurements.

Sketch wrap dress

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