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Unique Tie Dye Hair Bands

As a little accessory we offer these great hair bands which have become a favorite items amongst our customers.

woman wearing mudmee tie dye hair band folded

It is just too much work to photograph each item and maintain them on our web site, so we mostly sold them when we are out at an art and craft fair to present our tie dye.

But demand has been high to also offer them on the web, so here we go...

As on the products page, you click on the hair band, a window will open where you find the option to add it to the shopping cart. As the displayed item is just a sample, the difference here is that you could add it to the shopping cart several times if you need more than one. Check the basket that you have the right number - and remove any that you added accidentally.

And if you have specific colors in mind for your hairbands, please let us know in the comment field when ordering.

Item 1
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Hair Band
Item: 0001 - $ 10.00
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You can wear these hair bands like this...

mudmee tie dye hairband

mudmee tie dye hairband

... or more unfolded like this.

woman with a hair band in blue mudmee tie dye unfolded


unfolded mudmee tie-die hairband

back view unfolded mudmee tie-die hairband

We hope you enjoy them!

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