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Loose and Airy Ruffle Tanks

The latest addition to our line are these beautiful ruffle tanks. The have a loose cut for an airy feel and caress your skin with the natural feel of cotton.

100% cotton makes them not only comfortable to wear but also easy to take care of.

collection of ruffle tanks

They can be easily washed with other darker clothing (like any other dyed fabrics, do not wash with white or light-colored clothing) and tumble-drye low. It is very important - as for all dyed fabrics - that you avoid any detergent that might contain even small amounts bleach. Use mild detergents because one wash with one containing bleach will certainly pale the dyes considerably.

Obviously the way to maintain the brightness of the colors the longest would be to dry-clean. But the other way to prolong the vibrancy of the colors is to use a mild detergent with a gentle washing cycle and hang-dry (or lay flat) the items in the shade.

You can get these tanks in sizes from S to XXL and in base colors black, pink, green, purple, red, turquoise and the always favorite black-multi (a black base with color highlights).

To make up for the experience of touching and looking closely at an item, here some details of these ruffle tanks...

tie dye henley tank detail top

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