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Women's Thermal Shirts in Traditional Mudmee Tie Dye

Thermal shirts with long sleeves are great for lounging at the fireplace, hanging out with friends when it's getting cold outside, and in general just to feel cuddly.

Now combine that with a shirt that's made with the traditional mudmee tie dye and you have a shirt that you probably don't want to be without anymore. We can pretty much guarantee you compliments and the unavoidable question "Where did you get that?"

We hope that you will tell, but it's OK if you want to keep it for yoursel - we understand ;-)

These shirts are made of 100% waffle knit cotton which makes them comfortable to wear and easy to take care of.

woman with subdued mudmee tie dye henley shirt

They can be easily washed with other darker clothing (like any other dyed fabrics, do not wash with white or light-colored clothing) and tumble-drye low.

black-multi-colored mudmee tie dye long sleeve henley shirt

Here a little detail from one of the termak shirts to show the waffle knit material.

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