It’s time to dress a bit warmer

In anticipation of some cooler (ice and snow) weather, we at JustZen have now added quite a few long sleeve thermal and henley shirts. We announced those to our mailing list with the following messages:

14+9 New Henley Shirts

Hi ,
Wishing that ya’ll have a great weekend! – it’s Merlin from JustZen with a few new henley shirts.
Throughout the year our Henley Shirts have been your favorite, so we never let our inventory run too low, but different sizes fly off the shelves at different rates so I have added 14 new ones in size M and 9 in size L.
Now you get a little bit of an insight into our high-tech inner workings – when Gigi selects the items that need to go on the web site, these items get their number and then she photographs them.
I then get a list like this (see, not only the items are hand-made, also our paperwork is)…

together with all the photos and post them all on the web site after cropping and shrinking them. If you click on this list above you can see all the new items I just added.
One of the new shirts is this one that I personally like alot.

Hope you like ’em – the one I showed you here is item 2476 (size M) but if you want to see all our henleys you can click here.

PS Obviously these henley shirts are not the only thing we have – in case you missed my last mails – two week or so ago – we also added a whole new type of item – the V-Neck T-shirt, and last week I added a whole bunch of thermal shirts.
PPS: if you want to see Gigi this weekend and check out out items in the real world, you have to go to Arizona, she is at “The Fountain Festival” in Fountain Hills, AZ and has booth A82.

And then the next weeks we said:

More New Henley Shirts –
this time S, XL and XXL


Hope you did not think we would only have new henleys in M and L!

When I sent out my email yesterday I just did not manage to get them all out – I just needed another day – I got that – and here are the rest of the sizes of all those Henley Shirts.

Let me just show you what I added to the web site today – each of the pictures is clickable and brings you right to the item (there is a chance that it shows as SOLD – then somebody beat you to it.

Henley shirts in size S:

Henley shirts in size XL:

Henley shirts in size XXL:


PS As I was working on those henleys, I also added a few classic tanks in XL, and some of those cute flared tanks in size L with a side pocket.

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