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Crinkle Scarves as you haven't seen before

What would you think when you saw something like this?

tied crinkle scarves

Is this a tie-dye dog toy? No, definitely not! It's our new 100% cotton crinkle scarves - ready to unravel. If you would get a lot of them and hang them all in your closet it would look more like this...

crinkle scarves

But imagine you use these short pieces of rope as a gift. Usually after the unwrapping the surprise is over - but with these scarves the mystery continues. Only after untieing and unravelling will it become clear that it is NOT a dog bone.

Beside being a great novelty gift these scarves are also perfect for yourself - easy to take care off (no ironing) and easy to take along.

Gigi also found out that these scarves are great as a hair-scarf to tie and extend your hair (we'll have some pictures of that one soon.)

They can be easily washed with other darker clothing (like any other dyed fabrics, but do not wash with white or light-colored clothing) and tumble-drye low.

After drying wrap them up as shown in the illustrations below, holding them together with a rubber band, and toss them in the drawer or suitcase - no worries that they might get crinkled any more...

Crinkle Instructions

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