Art Prints by Natalie Cannon

I (Merlin) have always been partial to real skills instead of mimicked skills. In my defense I have to say that I tried to apply that to myself as well, even though there have been times when I succumbed to the temptation to make shortcuts.

One of the shortcuts I remember trying was playing music. I have been always fascinated by the keyboard but never had any piano lessons to speak of. Then came computers and midi interfaces and I got myself a Roland synthesizer – good and expensive at that time. I was good with computer (still am, but the way) and in no time I had a nice setup with which I could pretend to be able to play music. I am glad to report that I found my integrity and dismantled that setup soon thereafter and went back teaching myself some songs the real way.

In my early days I also rejected photography because it seemed too easy to make pictures, until I discovered that there was a whole other set of skills to master and that it was an art form in its own right.

For the same reason I have not embraced computer art for a long time. But I think now the computer with it’s tools in graphics has developed to a stage where one can create amazing visuals after mastering those tools and distinguish oneself from the many with little skills.

I myself am tempted but just have not been able to invest the time to develop the necessary skill. But I believe I can recognize a skilled and inspired artist when I see one.

And the reason for this article is that I have encountered one.

Check out Natalie’s MAGES: bold original Art & Jewelry. Just notice these two little examples of what Natalie can do…

There are much bigger views of her art, which she offers as pedants, art tiles and art prints, on her web site. Especially the pendants are a “have to check out” item as we are soon heading into the holiday season.

(in case you wonder – I never got very far with my piano skills.)

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