Hanky Hem Skirts in Gauze Cotton

Merlin here from JustZen, with a deep philosphical thought from my son (who is now starting to make his mark on twitter):

If the world ends in 2012, would school all be for nothing?

Fortunately I don’t buy into all those doom-sayers (and youngens who don’t want to do their school work) – my experience being that I lived through the Y2K without a scratch – and that means that we are making more amazing new mudmee tie-dye items.

This time I want to announce a new item we added to our line – a Hanky-Hem Skirt.

These are unusual in that we started with an eight-piece segmented skirt with each of these segments in a bit different color and then we did our mudmee tie-dye magic and transformed them into something you have probably never seen before – like this…

or, to take a closer look at one of them…

and if you like what you see, head over to the page for these mudmee Hanky Hem Skirts and get one (or a few) for yourself – – –

and let me know if you have some deeply philosophical thoughts yourself that I could pass on to my son 🙂

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