Hanky Hem Skirts in Gauze Cotton

Merlin here from JustZen, with a deep philosphical thought from my son (who is now starting to make his mark on twitter):

If the world ends in 2012, would school all be for nothing?

Fortunately I don’t buy into all those doom-sayers (and youngens who don’t want to do their school work) – my experience being that I lived through the Y2K without a scratch – and that means that we are making more amazing new mudmee tie-dye items.

This time I want to announce a new item we added to our line – a Hanky-Hem Skirt.

These are unusual in that we started with an eight-piece segmented skirt with each of these segments in a bit different color and then we did our mudmee tie-dye magic and transformed them into something you have probably never seen before – like this…

or, to take a closer look at one of them…

and if you like what you see, head over to the page for these mudmee Hanky Hem Skirts and get one (or a few) for yourself – – –

and let me know if you have some deeply philosophical thoughts yourself that I could pass on to my son 🙂

99 New Mudmee Tie-Dye Skirts

Even though we at the JustZen corporate headquarters are located in Southern California, we nevertheless are expecting heavy snow this coming weekend (we are high up in the mountains) and so we thought we just show off all the wonderful new skirts we just added to JustZen.com before we all get snowed in and lose power.

So, hold on to your chair, you have half a second for each skirt – and there will be a test later on…