Nothing important – just idle chit-chat

(reprint of the newsletter send out the weekend after Easter 2011)

Happy Week after Easter – Merlin tuning in with nothing to say…

no, really! There are no announcements where Gigi is this weekend – still on her trip, no new items added to the site, no snow here at the JustZen Corporate headquarters…

But maybe I can tell about some great photos we already received from some of you for our customer gallery. Here is a really cool one that was taken when Andrea was stuck in a tent during a snow storm…

Is this a cool picture, or What? Speaking of pictures – and  Andrea – you should check out her web site – she creates amazing animal portraits.

Peace-Up and Cheers,

PS: A bit timid to tell you this but some of you might enjoy the story. Prompted by some scenes in the latest Doctor Who episode we watched today, I revisited an old flying story I had written many years ago. Today I re-published it on my private blog. It’s a bit long so don’t go there if you are in a rush – otherwise let me know what you think: I was there before Doctor Who.

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