Finally some new classic tanks – and some buddha bags

The following is a reprint of the message that JustZen sent out to all it’s great customers:

Greetings – Merlin here with news about some items we added to the JustZen Web site.

Some of you have been nearly angry with us that we had only two lonely classic tanks left on our web site. I now hope that this discontent with us will dissipate quickly as we finally got some more of these classic tanks ready and I – yours truly – have added them to the web site for you to peruse.
Here are two of those that I added…

If you like on of them above you can click on them to find them directly on the web site, but you can also see them all.

Our Buddha Bags are always flying out the door, particularly after they were featured in Women’s Health Magazine as an “Essential Item” – and so we added a few more to offer a bigger variety of colors and patterns. Here are two of them…

Click on picture to go directly to this bag

Click on picture to go directly to this bag

As usual, we have only one bag exactly as the one shown above, so depending on the time you go and take a look, it might be gone already – but there are many other nice ones  🙂

Hope you like ’em.

PS: …and don’t forget to check out our next generation of smock dresses – I know, it’s pretty late in the year for those, but the summer is still with us, so let’s use those beautiful days to the fullest…

Colder Weather – New Hoodies

… drum roll … with some good news!

We finally managed to get some new items ready and will start adding them to the web site. The first of those are hoodies – just in time for the colder weather that we even notice in Southern California.

I want to try something new with this email and show you a few actual new jackets – with direct links to the item on our site, in case you are interested.

I am aware of the problem and want to point that out – you know that each item I show is a one-of-a-kind. That means that it might not be there any more when somebody else came by earlier and put it into his or her shopping cart. But not to dispair, there are more to chose from, these few are just a sample to wet your appetite.

Without any further ado…

Red Hoodie in Size Medium

Purple Hoodie in Size Medium

Turquoise Hoodie in Size Large

If none of those fits the bill you can look at All Our Hoodies, and then select the size you need from the selection box right there at the top of the screen. Then click ‘Search’ and we will show you all the hoodies in your size we have available.

And that’s all for today – be mighty!

Oh, yes… just not to be misunderstood – hoodies are getting all the attention because we added new ones – but there are my more – and different – things to be discovered – just start at the top…

Nothing important – just idle chit-chat

(reprint of the newsletter send out the weekend after Easter 2011)

Happy Week after Easter – Merlin tuning in with nothing to say…

no, really! There are no announcements where Gigi is this weekend – still on her trip, no new items added to the site, no snow here at the JustZen Corporate headquarters…

But maybe I can tell about some great photos we already received from some of you for our customer gallery. Here is a really cool one that was taken when Andrea was stuck in a tent during a snow storm…

Is this a cool picture, or What? Speaking of pictures – and  Andrea – you should check out her web site – she creates amazing animal portraits.

Peace-Up and Cheers,

PS: A bit timid to tell you this but some of you might enjoy the story. Prompted by some scenes in the latest Doctor Who episode we watched today, I revisited an old flying story I had written many years ago. Today I re-published it on my private blog. It’s a bit long so don’t go there if you are in a rush – otherwise let me know what you think: I was there before Doctor Who.

Women’s Health featuring the JustZen Buddha Bag

JustZen got a chance to play with the big kids – a few weeks ago they got a message from somebody at Women’s Health Magazine offering to shoot some footage of their shoulder and buddha bags for possible inclusion in one of their upcoming editions.

Obviously JustZen was fast to get some samples out to New York. Soon thereafter it became obvious that the next round had been reached when the request for the official name, web site and contact info came in.

And then it really happened – the June issue 2010 featured Iron Man 2 actress Kate Mara, modeling “8 Easy Pieces – This Summer’s Essentials” and they are pretty, relaxed, and ready for a good time – Just like you! (Women’s Health’s words – not mine!)

In case you wonder what these 8 Easy pieces are – here you go…

  1. Peasant Blouse
  2. Skinny Cargos
  3. Corset Sundress
  4. Raffia Accessories
  5. Paper Bag Shorts
  6. Tie-Dyed Bag
  7. Tiered Skirt
  8. Safari Vest

And indeed, this point #6 introduces JustZen’s buddha bags to the world of fashion, playing with the big kids.

What I mean by “playing with the big kids”?

It is standard operating procedure that the magazine lists all the item the model is wearing in these fashion shots. Look what Kate presents…

  • Just Zen bag, $29,
  • Etro blouse, 212-317-9096
  • Textile Elizabeth and James jeans, $245, at Neiman Marcus,877-777-5321
  • Stuart Weitzman shoes, $345,
  • Miguel Ases earrings, $345,
  • Lena Skategard agate necklace, $180,
  • Chan Luu beaded necklace, $190,
  • Arrows & Hearts ring, $29, at Callalilai, 212-219-2645

Gotta tell JustZen that they steep-up their prices, don’t you think?

Sexy Clothing – the new Mannequin

A friend who had bought some jackets from in the very early days of its existence, recently complained that our site is way too demure and we should pep that up a few notches.

Being a man of action he not only suggested but also offered his contribution in form of this image he named “The new Mannequin.”


… and I have to admit, that this is a bit less demure, don’t you agree?

So we kindly accepted his suggestion and contribution and added this image to our site – you think that is a good idea?