Finally some new classic tanks – and some buddha bags

The following is a reprint of the message that JustZen sent out to all it’s great customers:

Greetings – Merlin here with news about some items we added to the JustZen Web site.

Some of you have been nearly angry with us that we had only two lonely classic tanks left on our web site. I now hope that this discontent with us will dissipate quickly as we finally got some more of these classic tanks ready and I – yours truly – have added them to the web site for you to peruse.
Here are two of those that I added…

If you like on of them above you can click on them to find them directly on the web site, but you can also see them all.

Our Buddha Bags are always flying out the door, particularly after they were featured in Women’s Health Magazine as an “Essential Item” – and so we added a few more to offer a bigger variety of colors and patterns. Here are two of them…

Click on picture to go directly to this bag

Click on picture to go directly to this bag

As usual, we have only one bag exactly as the one shown above, so depending on the time you go and take a look, it might be gone already – but there are many other nice ones  🙂

Hope you like ’em.

PS: …and don’t forget to check out our next generation of smock dresses – I know, it’s pretty late in the year for those, but the summer is still with us, so let’s use those beautiful days to the fullest…