Summer Scarves – Really? Scarves in Summer?

Bringing ice cream to the Eskimos?

Hiring the fox to guard the chicken?

Offering scarves with the summer right around the corner?

All that seems to be pretty silly, right? But then again, there are the summer evenings, or a cruise to Alaska, or many other occasions we can imagine where having an accessory like one of our amazing scarves handy might come in – – – well – – – handy.

Let me first show you what we are talking about…

Aren’t these absolutely cool? Obviously the neck is not the only place where they can go, think of your waist worn as a belt, and maybe a bandana, if you find yourself at the beach and you happen to have one of these with you – – OK, how likely is that to happen?

Anyway, you get my drift – and considering that Mother’s Day is coming any moment now, I better leave you alone so that you can go and find one – or a few – of those summer scarves – – – – – – – –  silly – scarves in summer?!


PS: Gigi will be in Moscow this weekend. No, not the on in Russia, the one in Idaho – at the Renaissance Fair.

Gigi at the strawberry festival in Oxnard, CA

(email sent out to our mailing list)


just in case you missed it – the world was supposed to end yesterday. Looks like that did not work out quite as planned. Or maybe it did happen and I just have not noticed yet. A bit like in the movie Ghost where the character played by Patrick Swayze first runs after his attacker before he notices that is is actually dead.

Anyways, let’s assume that everything is all right, so Gigi really is at the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, CA this weekend.

Hey, you have to admit that this was pretty smart how I wove that bit of information in there, huh?

Here is another piece of information that is essential for living a fulfilled live: The pound key (#) on the keyboard is called an octothorpe – Well, now you know why they call it a pound key!  Can you imagine going through the prompts the next time you go to pay your phone bill and the voice on the other end tells you to hit the octothorpe key?

OK, I admit that might not be such an essential piece of information. But it’s my sneaky attempt to first give you some information before I ask you for something in return.

I want to ask about our one and only accessory – no, not the tie-dye motor-cycle – but our necklaces. When Gigi is out there at shows, these things sometimes fly off the neck of her dummy/dress form in front of her booth – but at the web site there is hardly any interest for them.

So, I wonder, are they too well hidden to be found or are they just not right? If you could let me honestly know, that would help me out quite a bit.

Should JustZen have Accessories?

When Gigi is out there at art and craft shows she always has a mannequin in front of her booth, nicely dressed up in all tie-dye and adorned with some accessories.

This is often such a nice combination that customers want these accessories as well. After that experience Gigi always has some more pieces of these accessories with her.

Now the idea came up to offer these items on the web site as well.

But I need an opinion – do you think this would be a good accessory to offer on our tie-dye web site?


I sent that picture out to all the JustZen customer and got a great number of answers.

Here are a few…

Which accessory….the DUDE or the bike?  They bike is cool, but I prefer the DUDE!

Hilarious!!! I want one… 🙂

LOL! Heck, yeah!

Yesssss definitely!


Please tell me your talking about the long haired stud ;x but I like the bike. Would be cool to have the girls model a few things on it for the site
Much love

Dear Merlin Silk
which one the man or bike?
Have agreat day.

HAHHAHAH  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT… I already bragged on it on facebook… and once again.

Thanks for the smile… that is fantastic.  Must be a hoot to drive around on.

All good things to you and yours!!

It is a little over the top.


Oh, my gosh, that is FANTASTIC!!!!

Absolutely! LOL! Bring that to the Fountain Hills Art Show next week!      🙂

Hi Merlin,

Very Nice!  They would sell like hot cakes!

Merlin, were you referring to the ‘gentleman’ or the ‘bike’???

Wow, I mean, it’s really cool. I say anything to attract people is good.
good luck.

looks good to me…….
my art students love it too!

Yeah Merlin…a Tie dye motorcycle would be awesome.

HAHAHA !!  I needed that !!  Yes, Excellent — put it up on the site !!
Peace Waves,


This made my day.  Love it!!

I also wanted to say that it was so incredible to see Gigi at the Genoa festival this summer.  I saw the clothing and new right away who it had to be.  Yes, I was bad and had to buy more.  It was incredible seeing everything up close like that.  The bad part is that I wanted everything.  🙂