How to tie-dye – DVD crash course

Recently I learned that there is a tight community of do-it-yourself tie-dyers around, with their own wiki and forum. Our ideas at – to sell our wares at a profit – do not fit the mindset of this community, but we believe that we should embrace both worlds because they can co-exist peacefully.

There are visitors who look for tie-dye to buy and there are those who come to learn how to do it themselves. Why not help out the second group as well?

So, today I want to introduce Brad Garrett who makes tie-dye for many years and has published a set of DVD to teach you to tie-dye. Here are his thoughts about the mudmee tie-dye we promote at JustZen.

I remember when I first found your site a couple of years ago. Seeing your work invoked a feeling in me I hadn’t felt for years. It was a feeling that took me back to before I started making tie dyes in 1991. The feeling of amazement took over my mind and made me remember why I started making tie dyes in the first place.
I had a friend with this shirt that just blew my mind. Every time he wore it I couldn’t stop looking at it or wondering how it was made. Well, over the years I hadn’t seen any more tie dyes like that one until I found your site. I literally spent hours looking at your tie dies the very first time I found them. I really love the way you get the colors in-between each other.
On top of that I really love the color choices you make and the colors them-selves are just so vibrant and distinctive I can’t get over it. There are only a few tie dye artist that really capture my attention like you do.

Great work!

Thanks, Brad, for your kind words!

If you, dear visitor, got here in search for information on how to make your own tie-dye, maybe even throw a tie-dye party or have some fun-filled afternoon with the kids (do this just before you plan to change the carpet), then by all means, check out Brad’s DVDs…