Tie-Dyers of the World – Unite!

I have to report on a very interesting and courages project starting right now in the commercial world of tie-dye.

The idea is to have all the commercial tie-dyers come together under one (virtual) roof and present their offering to the world. Customarily business in the same area compete, but I came up with the idea that if we all work together and create a lot of momentum, we will create for us a much more solid position in the world of clothing and fashion.

I consider this more like a big trade show, and trade shows have brought together competing businesses under one roof in the past for all to benefit from. Physical trade shows are probably on the way out – with high costs of travel and the internet that can give you the ability to see more offerings under one roof that would be possible in a brick-and-mortar show – the virtual trade show will be the new way to connect vendors and customers.

The onlyu advantage the real-world trade show has is the fact that the visitor can experience the wares with more senses than is possible in a virtual trade show – but this is all a matter of time.

So, let’s get started now with our first tie-dye trade show at Tie-Dye-Shopping.com.

In the initial stages this virtual trade show has the advantage of beingĀ  free – compare that to the costs involved going to Magic in Las Vegas.

So, spread the word and let all tie-dyers congregate at the Tie-Dye Marketplace.