Miley Cyrus in our tie-Dye?

Our whole family has watched Miley Cyrus’ Disney Show Hanna Montana pretty much from the  beginning and we all like it (especially our nine year old son) – even though I think the coolest person in the show is Daddy – sorry to all you Miley-only fans, but at least it’s the real daddy so the genes are right.

Recently I ran into a nice image of Miley, probably taken somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area – anybody know where exactly? – which I liked…

Miley Cyrus

…even though I think the t-shirt is a bit boring.

Allow me to dream my dream that all star, starlets and celebrities are eager to wear the mudmee tie-dye we offer the world.  I am sure that, if they would find out about us, would certainly be true anyways.

I have already started to dress one of our female astronauts properly for her accomplishments in space and so now it was Miley’s turn to be chiqued up.

Out came good old photoshop and suddenly we have some exquisitely dressed Miley Cyrus…

Miley Cyrus in tie-dye by JustZen

I would have loved to dress Miley in one of our all natural cotton skirts – but that would have taxed my photoshop abilities too much, so instead here you have Destinee modeling one of the mudmee skirts.

Destinee in JustZen-skirt

She looks a bit like Miley anyways and even is the same age. She and her friend actually came to us offering to model for us – cool, huh?